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Broussard's Restaurant

819 Conti Street


Broussard’s first opened its doors in 1920 when prominent local chef Joseph Broussard married Rosalie Borrello and they moved into her childhood home on Conti Street. They lived in the apartment upstairs, while Broussard worked downstairs to create a five-star restaurant where he masterfully combined the local Creole cuisine with classic French dishes inspired by his formal Parisian culinary training. In 1966, longtime steward Joseph Segretto took over, and in the 1970s, he renovated the restaurant with the Marcellos. Beginning in the 1980s, Evelyn and Gunther Preuss graciously maintained the restaurant for decades, until the Ammari family acquired it in 2013.

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Tricia Lowe


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819 Conti Street

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