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The Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation (GNOSF), a nonprofit corporation, was created in 1988 to bring together sports minded people who devote a portion of their time, energy and financial support to the development of sports tourism and related industries in the Greater New Orleans area. GNOSF facilitates exchange among members of information, ideas and support necessary to attract and assist in the coordination and production of sports events in this area.


The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, which has general supervision of the business affairs and activities of GNOSF. Our Board is made up of business and community leaders, industry experts, professionals and other supporters of the organization. An Executive Committee is elected to oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization and its employees.


Board members contribute significantly to our success by serving on specific event committees and volunteering.


In 2001, the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation created and is financially responsible for the annual R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl. In 2003, the GNOSF Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution to have a Sports Foundation/New Orleans Bowl combined membership program and that each GNOSF board member must also have a membership in good standing.

The GNOSF membership includes a choice of three levels of financial support. The diversity in pricing offers support opportunities to all types of individuals and/or companies and includes annual benefits from both the Sports Foundation and the Bowl. If you have questions about the membership program please contact Tricia Lowe at 525-5678 or


Although participation in the membership program does not require serving on the Board of Directors, many do. Board membership requires:

  • Letter of nomination from a current board member

  • Letter from proposed board member stating he/she would like to serve and is aware of financial obligations of membership

  • A resume or bio from board nominee

  • An annual commitment of paid membership as described above.

Current Board Members Include:

Arnold Baker

Louis Ballero

Essence H. Banks

Kiki B. Barnes

Richard E. Baudry

Vicky Bayley

George Bell

Dr. Linda Bell

Kevin M. Bennett

Ryan Berni

David Bilbe

Thomas K. Bond

Kim Boyle

Leah Brown

Jessica Brandt

Bill Bryan

James C. Buckley

Erin Burns

Christopher M. Cali

Stephen P. Cali

Sophie Capella

Thomas J. Capella

Taylor Carlton

Lawrence E. Chehardy

Jay Cicero

Keith Claiborne

Nathan Cochran

Michael Corchiani

Richard Cortizas

Cate Creed

Patrick Cresson

Troy Dannen

Don Davidson

Patricia Denechaud

Kevin Dessauer

Margo DuBos

Timothy Duncan

Don Duvernay

Richard B. Eason II

Malcolm P. Ehrhardt

Donald Engler

Reginald English

Patrick Fitzmorris

Kenneth T. Franz

Jaime Garza MD

Lucien J. Gauff III

Floyd Genova

Kelvin Gipson

Michael Green

Patsy Green

Alfred Groos

Marlin N. Gusman

David J. Guzan Jr.

Scott J. Habetz MD

B.R. "Bambi" Hall

Dan Hart

Blake Heymann

William H. Hines

M. Diane Hollis

Evan Holmes

Anthony Jackson, Jr.

Edith "DeeDee" Lancaster

Marbury Little

Louis J. Lupin

R. Tom Lupo

Ron Maestri

Tristan Manthey

Thomas J. Mitchell

Paul Monsour MD

Ryan Monsour

Tony Montalbano

Ryan Mouledous

Samir Mowad, Jr.

William Mueller

Gordon "Nick" Mueller

Greg Mula

Edwin R. Murray

Michael Napolitano

Carl Nini

Michael Palamone

Vincent Palumbo

Mickey Parenton

David B. Payton

Dennis Pearse

Violet Peters

Gregory L. Phillips

Randy Phillipson

Keith Quick

Kelly Rabalais

Joseph Raspanti

Dan Real

Amy Reimer-Sileo

Cedric Richmond

Jack Rizzuto

Mark Romig

Dereck J. Rovaris Sr.

Michael J. Sawaya

Jon Michael Schulman

Carl J. Servat III

David R. Sherman

Matthew A. Sherman

Philip B. Sherman

Douglas Shipley

Ronald Sholes

Gary B. Silbert

Renny Simno

Damon Singleton

Robert G. Skinner

Mark E. Slessinger

Gordon Stevens III

Don Stone

Matthew Brooks Stone

Michael Storms

David F. Strawn

Adam M. Stumpf

Scott Sullivan MD

Jim Szeszycki

Roderic F. Teamer Sr.

Doug Thornton

Roderick Thornton

Michael S. Todd

Charles "Chuck" Toney

LaVerne Toombs

Steven Trotter

Paul R. Valteau Jr.

Paul Varisco

Kerry Watkins

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